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Aviation English with Action Language PRO

Our courses aim to cover the competencies required by the ICAO at the level you need; we believe that quality training is vital for safety and adhere to the ICAO Guidelines for Aviation English Training Programmes and are members of the ICAEA.

Aviation English is based on oral communication, so a communicative, content-based approach will be used with a focus on speaking and listening, though of course some reading and writing/note taking will form part of your studies.

Whether you study with us in the UK or in your home country, each day’s class will include work on:

  • Pronunciation (clarity of sounds and intonation)
  • Structure (control of grammar and sentence patterns)
  • Vocabulary (range and accuracy)
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Interaction

30-hour intensive course in Aviation English:

  • 25 hours taught class time with a specialist teacher. Homework and home study advice will also be given.
  • 5 hours supervised study and test practice. Allowing for 1:1 assistance with pronunciation issues or other individual weaknesses, as well as personal study and revision.
  • All course materials and resources included.

The timetable below is a sample, and will be adapted to suit the needs of the students depending on their level, personal objectives, and the teacher’s ongoing evaluation of the class.

The schedule can also be adapted to suit your needs, e.g. 15 hours per week over 2 weeks,

Test materials only applicable to students preparing for a specific test, as appropriate.

Sample timetable:

  Arrival/testing day Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5




Approx. 2.5 hours: Orientation – introduction to the school and teacher. Preliminary level testing and needs analysis. Overview of the course



Standard phraseology and vocabulary compared to plain language Ground communication and hazards prior to take-off Level bursts and communication errors Approach and landing Reducing risks

Lunch break**


Lunch break**


Lunch break**


Lunch break**


Lunch break**

13:30-14:30 Supervised personal study/review time Supervised personal study/review time OR mock test. Supervised personal study/review time Supervised personal study/review time OR mock test Supervised personal study/review time
14:45-17:00* Ground movements and ground communication Weather and environment Decision making, reporting in flight issues and actions. Dealing with technical/mechanical problems Review of course, final mock test or mock flight scenarios

* includes a 15-minute mid-session comfort and refreshment break.

** can be included as part of our social NEUK programme – lunch with a native English speaker to practise social English.


Social NEUK programme

Students studying with us in North East England can take advantage of a full immersion experience and add a variety of extra activities to the course. Costs depend on ticket prices etc.

Lunch: Make the most of your lunch break by trying some local food and working on your English conversation with a native speaker

Cultural evenings (1-2 per week): Newcastle has several theatres as well as a number of comedy and music venues, traditional pubs, restaurants and other places of interest. We can arrange midweek evening trips to a variety of events.


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