Providing affordable professional English language courses in Tyne and Wear

Business English

If you work in business, in any industry, and would like to improve your English or prepare for a specific test or event, please contact us to see how we can help you!

Examples of topics and areas a business English course may cover include:

  • English for new contacts and colleagues; introductions and appropriate small talk; review of structures for describing experience; first contact via email/phone.
  • English for social events and networking; conversation starters and moving on; English humour; interests outside work.
  • English for meetings and team work; listening and note taking – picking out key details; clarifying, putting forward ideas, summarizing; making presentations and fielding questions.
  • English for negotiation; agreeing and disagreeing politely; compromising; discussing figures, targets and outcomes.
  • Personal topics of interest; discussions and debates for fluency; common expressions and vocabulary; expressing complex ideas fully (structures).




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